Program Design:
Nursing Clinical Leadership Development Program is an active, flexible and self-directed learning program. It is developed with reference to the nursing competencies of Nursing Professional Development Framework of Hospital Authority. The program is a complete set of learning experience that composes of eLearning, seminar and workshop, on-the-job coaching by supervisor, experiential learning, reflection and sharing. The program will be organized by KCC, IHC, IANS, HOHR or other institutes.

e-Learning Centre of HAHO

- Intranet: http://elc or internet:
- "Training Course" "Online e-Learning Courses" "Human Resources Division, HAHO" Self Development Courseware (FUNCTIONAL COMPETENCY), Self Development Courseware (PEOPLE & TEAM COMPETENCY) and Self Development Courseware (PERSONAL COMPETENCY)
Modular approach will be employed in the design of program. There are major and elective subjects in each module. The participants should study or have learning experience on Major Subject. At the same time, the participants can select and study the Elective Subjects according to their own interest. Participant should complete 40 CNE points of e-Learning and 30 CNE points of classroom-based learning.
The participants will discuss and set up a learning contract with the self-invited program supervisor. The program supervisors will provide preceptorship to the participants and guide them to complete the program.
Participants are recommended to finish the program within 12 months. Under special circumstance, participants can apply to extent their period of study to 18 months.
Application for Advanced Standing:
Advanced standing will be considered case by case. In particular module, if the participants are studying or have studied similar subjects which are organized by KCC, IHC, IANS, HOHR or other institutes, they can apply for advanced standing1. However, details and evidence should be provided with the application.The Department of Professional Development will assess the application as advanced standing when required. If the advanced standing is approved, the applicant can be exempted from the subject.
1 The CNE points of the approved advanced standing will not exceed the offered program.